Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kindergarten and such...

I remember when I bought my first car, got my first apartment in the city, and started going to university.  I felt old.  Real old.

Today I took my child for his first day of kindergarten.  I'm ancient!  How am I old enough to have a child attending school??  They really do grow up so fast-- Caleb AND I :)

Thank goodness Caleb was ready-- he's been counting down the days and was excited to get there this morning.  As we marched down the street hand in hand towards the school's front door his steps did start to slow as we got closer... he whispered that he was a little nervous.  I told him that I understood and that it was totally fine to be nervous!  And, he did great-- looked a little shell shocked at times... but was excited to be there.  We'll see what happens when next week hits-- full day every day kindergarten... yikes!  It could take him time to get used to it, but I know that he'll love it.  He's ready.

In other news, I ordered some knob options for my kitchen from Hardware Hut and they arrived today.  Good prices, fast shipping.  I would have loved to get the knobs from Restoration Hardware to match the bin pulls we already installed, but at $11 a knob?  That was NOT going to happen.  I need 23 knobs!  You do the math.

I could not find a local place that sold knobs in a polished nickel finish-- not nice ones.  So I decided to order online.  I'm actually liking both options that I got so far... 

They both look great alongside the RH bin pulls and work with our appliances.
The one on the left is half the price of Restoration Hardware knobs, and the one on the right is a tenth the price.  Now I've just gotta decide!  Do I want the really cheap option that looks and feels okay, or go for the reasonably priced option that looks and feels like a real winner... tough call.  
I'll let you know what we decide!


trevandrebs said...

Full day every day, wow! We just have every day but only half days here.

Anonymous said...

no contest- reasonably priced option that feels like a winner