Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Budget Kitchen Reno

Since my own kitchen renovation is taking so so long to finish (we're still working on it-- I promise!) I thought I'd share my good friend (and business partner) Andrea's kitchen renovation with you all.

Some of you have already seen the before and after's on her blog or on our Lark & Lily Interiors Facebook page  but I thought I'd put them up here in case any of you missed them!  

Alrighty... let's get down to business.  Here is the before:

And the after!  Pretty gorgeous, hey?

A full gut job was not in the budget for this renovation-- so Andrea and her husband put the bulk of the $$ towards scraping the ceiling and the beautiful white quartz countertops.  They saved a ton of money by using the existing lower cabinets.  After a coat of paint they look super cute and charming.

The wall separating the kitchen from the dining room was taken down and Andrea found an absolute steal of a deal on the stainless steel vent by doing a bit of searching on ebay.

They already had the white subway tile sitting in their garage (free's alway the best way to go!) and constructed a few white floating shelves in place of upper cabinets.  When you have such beautiful dishes-- they've gotta be displayed, right?

Since the existing cabinetry was being reused, they could not add a whole lot of extra counter space.  The addition of the peninsula/island really helped, but more was needed.  Andrea-- the best deal seeking internet shopper I know-- found the industrial stainless steel counter top (on the left side of the picture) for a crazy awesome price-- it adds a lot of extra prep space and gives the room a cool vibe.  Love it!

The upper cabinetry on the fridge side of the room was kept-- just repainted and given fresh polished nickel hardware-- courtesy of the Home Depot Martha Stewart collection.

I just love this transformation! 

Hope you all enjoyed this little before and after-- feel free to check out our Lark & Lily Interiors facebook page if you want a sneak peek into some of the projects we're working on :)


Trev and Rebekah said...

looks so fresh and new

Carol said...

a great transformation

JTay said...

I love it! My favourite part is the touch of sweetness the floral tea cups add to a sleek and streamlined space.

white kitchen worktops said...

White is a lot better than yellow. Love white too.

Irfan raja said...

I think so it's good but White colour is to good