Saturday, April 07, 2012

Spring Sprung

Well I think we can officially say that spring is here?  Please let it be so...

Well, to kick it off-- I figured it was time to give the flannel bedding the boot.  A few nights ago Doug and I just couldn't seem to fall asleep-- the flannel was too much.  So I pulled out my white bedding.

But, I really need a little color in there.  It needs something fun.  Andrea and I signed out samples of the Dwell Studio/Robert Allen Vintage Plumes fabric for a client to see and now I want it in my house.  Having all kinds of gorgeous fabrics sitting around my house is going to be dangerous-- let me tell you.  So I'm thinking that the jade colorway would be perfect on the two Euro shams on my bed.  How fun would this be for summer?

The second runner up is the Vintage Blossom in Jade-- also a Dwell Studio/Robert Allen fabric.  I found this fabric locally for a great price-- but it's not quite as fun as the vintage plumes.

And I also like the Birch colorway in the living room.  How am I going to decide?

Enough about fabric.

Well, we definitely enjoyed the sun today.  We kicked off the day by taking the kids out for breakfast and then went to a local greenhouse to pick up some plants!  This is Eme's favorite face nowadays... every time we're in public and someone starts smiling at her she gives them a stone cold stare.  Just exercising her serious side I guess.

We took the kids to the petting zoo to see the goats and sheep.  I got my farm girl on and managed to catch one of the skittish little goats.  Doug was impressed.  It wasn't really that hard-- I was wearing a plaid shirt-- after all.  Eme kind of liked it at first...

But as soon as it even looked at her she would start running away as fast as possible, violently waving her hands back and forth, saying: "no, no, no, no, NO!!"  Guess she's not a farm girl at heart.

Then we headed home for the afternoon to do a little yard work.  I was working in the front yard with Caleb doing a little weeding and planting a few new things-- I head around back to grab something and find this...

We've been talking about leveling out a section of the backyard and putting in a little rock wall for a while now-- Doug figured there was no time like the present to get started.  As you can imagine-- Caleb was overjoyed at the fact that there was dirt flying everywhere.  He grabbed his own shovel and dove right into the middle of the action.

Next came a freezie.  And this happened...

Then he crashed from the sugar high a while later and almost fell asleep during dinner.  We decided to call it an early night and both kids were in bed by 7:15.  That almost never happens.

Well, hope you're all enjoying the weekend-- and a little spring time fun :)


Team AC said...

Sounds great, Elissa... glad to hear things are warming up for you!

Trev and Rebekah said...

I have LOVED the son!

Flannel sheets can stick around all year for me! :0) I'm always cold..well most of the time.

See you on the 14th?

Erica said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday! I drove past Devan yesterday and it looked like a madhouse in there, so good for you for braving the crowds, AND the goats! Too funny!
Doug is right - no time like the present to get that landscaping project done. Nice work!