Thursday, April 19, 2012

A New Line of Work

A while back I showed some pictures of a kitchen Doug completed-- remember the ikea kitchen he installed for my sister in law?  I was over at their place last week and snapped a few more updated pictures.  I just love the way this kitchen turned out!  Not bad for ikea...

There's something I keep forgetting to mention on this blog.  A few months ago Doug decided to quit his day job.  After working for a local cabinetry company for many years building and installing kitchens, Doug's decided to do it on his own!

He's been working with his brother's renovation company- -they do full scale renovations for people and Doug's now come on board to build custom kitchens.  So now their customers don't have to go to ikea for a kitchen or bathroom vanities or hire another kitchen cabinetry company-- they do it all in house.

It's a bit of a risk-- becoming self employed... and really I kind of just did the same thing last year-- quit my "day job" to start up my own business... but it's been really exciting.  Doug's been very busy building kitchens and is LOVING the fact that he is able to do it on his own... and work alongside his brother.

I may have a biased opinion-- but I really think the clients that are choosing to work with Doug (and my brother in law's company) are making a smart choice-- their quality and attention to detail is top notch... something you don't always get with bigger companies that care more about getting the job done fast than doing a great job...

And I'm pretty thankful that I've got my own IN HOUSE cabinetry guy.  Just saying :)

Well... if you're in the area and are wanting to renovate-- I know of a great company!  

And did I mention that they also work pretty closely with a local interior decorating company?  I have a feeling we're going to have a lot of fun working together... :)


Heidi Dick said...

It is a great renovation company. We are loving our bathrooms that were finished in February! So awesome.

Trev and Rebekah said...

We are excited for Doug that he has this opportunity and joy in his job!

Carol said...

Sounds like a winning combination for everyone!

Anonymous said...


Just wondering where the lights are from over the island. And also over the kitchen table. Thanks.


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