Monday, November 07, 2011

Now I'm in trouble

So I'm taking pictures of Emerson the other day as we were heading out the door to go somewhere.  And she is totally giving me a straight face.  Not a single smile in her.

Like honestly-- I am making every ridiculous sound imaginable (on my front lawn) trying to get a little smile.  Nothing.

But then someone else comes around the corner... Daddy.

Oh Daddy... aren't you just soooo funny.  So much funnier than Mommy.

So my little Eme is growing up.  Big time.  Like-- guess who started walking this weekend?  Emerson. But let me tell you... she won't walk to you unless you're holding a Wii remote.  Or a kitty.  Right Keziah?

And suddenly I'm chasing after her-- non stop.  This little lady does not care for toys.  Instead she finds much joy and amusement in dismantling my recycling bin under the sink... in pushing all the buttons on my alarm clock and then throwing it on the floor... in playing for hours with my magic bullet and all its attachments (just not the sharp ones).

And I'm convinced that Eme has a sixth sense.  She always ALWAYS knows when the door to the bathroom has been left open or was not completely closed.  At least once a day I have one of those moments-- you know those moments when the house is suspiciously quiet and you just know that your child is up to no good.  And lo and behold I catch her playing in the toilet.  It is the greatest thing ever-- if you ask Eme.  The second best thing in the world is having your hands washed in the bathroom sink.

So yes-- my little lady is trouble.  But you know what?  I love trouble :)


Sabrina said...

Love those daddy smiles!

Our kids would get into some serious trouble together. When all was quiet here I found our lady scaling the couch and sliding (well, tumbling) down the back, mouth full of biscuit and toy in hand. So busy. But SO much fun!

Anonymous said...

Mom and I just read your comments and enjoyed the pictures. We had a good laugh. What a cutie! We'd love to be there to take part in her trouble-making!

Dan and Lynn said...

She may be trouble, but she sure is cute trouble:)! Great photos!

Carol said...

A cute little trouble maker, is right! Great photos!

kelly ens said...

cuteness! :)