Tuesday, June 28, 2011


U pick strawberries.
The strawberry crops aren't so hot around here these days.
But I still came home with this.

Not surprising... 
because a long long time ago I was a berry picker one summer.
I'm pretty much a professional.
Just saying.

That and I was child free for an hour.
Thanks K squared :)

So today we are gorging on strawberries... and I'm trying to figure out what to do with them...

And playing play dough... partially clothed.
Thanks Lori :)

And I caught this little lady red handed... fists full... cheeks packed...
with her big brother's left over Annie's Bunny Graham snacks.

Guess what... they're dairy free :)


Janice said...

You are adorable and your kids are adorable too. Sometimes there's just no other option when you don't feel like wearing pants. You're berries look delicious and I vote that you make strawberry rhubarb pie. And heck no one will know if you cheat and buy the crust.

Anonymous said...

I made a rhubarb strawberry crisp a few weeks ago and it was soooo good. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.


Trev and Rebekah said...

I just bought some fresh strawberries. We froze some for smoothies and have fresh ones in the fridge for eating. I can't wait for raspberry picking!

Anonymous said...

Oh eme looks adorable :)

BluBabesCreate said...

We miss the B.C. fruit. Happy Canada Day coming soon. Come see some reupholstery.