Friday, June 03, 2011


I may have been missing... but life has not been lacking in the action department.  Quite simply, wedding preparations trump blogging... and laundry.

Here's a quick recap.

1.  Emerson got the flu... although she's not really acting sick.  The only tip off was the fact that she was refusing to eat food (never happens) and the random huge pukes she managed to pull off.  These pukes were followed by cute, barf faced, grins.  On a not so great note... my area rug in the living room is in pretty dire need of a steam cleaning after said pukes.

2.  I've been spray painting up a storm-- possibly for an event that may be taking place tomorrow????  I can't tell you!

3.  I made some awesome pinch pleated curtains.  No time to take pictures.  Will blog about it soon.

4.  I successfully convinced Caleb to wear flip flop sandals (the ones between the toes).  After 5 minutes of struggling to get them on his super ticklish feet I got one on.  He started screaming that they were hurting his toes.  Somehow I managed to get sandal #2 on... then I told him that they were super special sandals that would make his feet super fast.  I got him to run several laps around Old Navy.... and then he was sold.  The magically fast sandals totally did it for him.

5.  I may or may not have made close to twenty chalkboards... why?  I can't say :)

6.  I got my hair done after the longest stint of bad hair ever... I had been counting down the days with such excitement... I almost put up one of those countdown to baby tickers on my blog... but not for a baby (of course) but to countdown the days until my new hair.

7.  Doug and I kept the kids up 4-ish hours past their bed time last night due to wedding prep in Vancouver.  They managed to remain quite pleasant during the event, fell asleep in the car, and transitioned relatively well into their beds upon arrival at home-- although Caleb did try to punch me when I tried to make him go to the bathroom.  They had their revenge though... Caleb wet the bed at 2 am (guess the late night potty attempt didn't work-- couldn't hear the tinkle over the screams) and Emerson greeted me this morning with a crib full of puke-- along with a smiley face... of course.  Well played children, well played.

8.  The kids slept in until 8 am this morning.  Hooray!  Although I still haven't quite recovered from last night.  I couldn't figure out for the life of me why my vision was so blurry this morning... then I realized I was wearing both my glasses AND my contacts.  Oh gosh.  Time to put pot #2 of coffee on...

No pictures today folks.  The kids still aren't wearing clothes... I am still in my bathrobe (Caleb calls it my special dress) and I may or may not be rocking day three of my salon styled hair.  But, time to get dressed, pack up the kids and hit to road!  We've got stuff to do before tomorrow... let me tell you!!


Okay... so I pulled myself together and hit the road with the kids this morning.  We had place to go and things to do!  And because they were sooooo stinkin' cute, I just had to snap a couple.

You better believe Caleb wore these sunglasses to Superstore.
And whoa, check out that wolverine hair.

And wouldn't you know, 2 minutes after leaving my house I hear Eme grunting in the backseat.  You better believe she pooped her pants.  Big time.  I tried my best to change her in the front seat of the car in the Superstore parking lot, but it was EVERYWHERE.  Luckily I had an extra sleeper in my purse.  Guess it pays to never clean it out...

And wouldn't you know, she threw up her lunch.  I'm beginning to think that the little pockets at the bottom of bibs are not for catching food... nope, it's for catching puke.  So the score is... Eme 3... Mom 0.  No wait... she also broke my sunglasses while we were waiting in the checkout line... looks like I'm 0 for 4.


kelly ens said...

SUPER exciting!!! See you tomorrow...looking forward to seeing all your apparent handiwork there :)

Gord and Andrea said...

i LOVE your chalkboards!!!! and you are like superwoman/mom... unbelievable :)

Trev and Rebekah said...

So hope the your little one feels WAY better for tomorrow!

I get my hair done at the end of the month and i'd excited about that.

See you tomorrow!

Bonnie said...

Looking forward to a picture update on all this action! Sounds good :)

Its a perfect day for a wedding-- such glorious weather!! So happy for Rosanna & hope you all have an awesome time celebrating today!