Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Week of Lasts... (at least for now!)

Well, well, well... I must say I was quite surprised to discover that there are people out there who still faithfully check this blog for updates! Thanks for the comments everyone-- I shall try my best to not let this blog die!

This past week was a big one for our little family-- Caleb had his last day of daycare, and I had my last day of work and am now a lady of leisure on maternity leave! Let's just say that things are going to be quite a bit different around here now that we actually live at our house... not just keep our stuff here :)

Caleb was quite excited about his last day, because I promised that he could have a party at daycare. We've talked about it for weeks... on Caleb's last day, Mommy would come in the afternoon for a party, she would bring cupcakes (aka "pup"cakes in our house to those who are still learning to talk... Caleb... if you're wondering) for Caleb to enjoy with all of his friends, we would pack up his backpack, say goodbye to his teachers, and then he would stay home with Mommy everyday. Well, that day finally came! Doug was around that afternoon, so we both went to his daycare to surprise him. We snuck into the room while he was playing a game with the other kids-- when Caleb turned around and saw us he was SOOO excited!! He yelled, "Mommy... it's time for my party!!" and ran to give us huge bear hugs. The party went as planned-- although I decided to bring timbits in place of the cupcakes and iced caps for the adults (that's what happens when you're a working mom... baking = finding the nearest drive thru... with coffee). As can be imagined, the timbits were a smashing success-- 2 year old heaven. Caleb said goodbye to all of his friends and gave hugs to all of his teachers. I must say, I felt a little bit sad for him at the end when it was time to leave... he's been there for quite a while now and has had fabulous teachers. I could tell that he felt a bit of hesitation when it was time to say goodbye. But... Caleb is quite excited for this new chapter in his life... he's now a stay at home kid.

Timbit time...

Realization time... you mean I'm not coming back?

The next day was my last day of work. It was a good day-- but it felt so strange to pack up my office, clear out my inbox, quickly try to bring people up to speed on the last minute projects I had been working on... so different from the last time I went on maternity leave! My co-workers threw a great little farewell party for me... and gave me an awesome gift. When people have asked me what I plan to do with my time off before the baby arrives, I tell them that I plan to lie in my backyard on a fabulous chaise lounge chair and relax the day away!! A great plan... although I was still missing the lounge chair. Not for long! At the party, I was presented with a gift card to go out and purchase that all important lounge chair-- something I plan to do quickly in light of the upcoming week's forecast.

The best part of my last day occurred when I arrived home that afternoon. When I walked through the front door Caleb and Doug were waiting with a mini-party for me! As I walked through the door, Caleb yelled... "Mommy! You're all done work!" Then he pointed to the "party" and said "Ta Da!!" Doug felt that Caleb needed to learn about the importance of celebrating the accomplishments of others (not just his own) so they picked up timbits and ice caps for me, flowers, and a balloon-- as Caleb decided that it was something I would REALLY want (funny... I'm not the one playing with it). We had our little party, went out for dinner, and went to bed early :)

And now we relax! And play at the park! And wait for what's next... in just a few weeks things will be changing around here again!!


Dan and Lynn said...

Welcome back to blogger world! Thanks for the updates! Glad to hear you guys are doing well, and that you're enjoying some time at home with Caleb before Baby #2 arrives:).

Anonymous said...

you are looking great! congrats on the babes!


Trev and Rebekah said...

What a fun mommy thing to do to plan the party and what a good way for him to end daycare. We will have to have some regular playdates now so that caleb can have a buddy to play with and when baby comes we'd gladly have Caleb here from time to time too so you can get settled in.

Debbie said...

Congratulations on the baby on the way! Those are some seriously adorable pants in that last photo, where are they from??? :) :)

KDees said...

Yay for being done work and day care and yay for long days to relax and head to the park!! Enjoy every minute! Can't wait to hear baby news!

Bonnie said...

I can't believe you're only a few weeks away from baby's arrival! It seems like I was just hearing about this pregnancy, and then.... "Ta Da! Its almost done!" :) I loved that 'ta da' part by the way. Caleb sounds like a very entertaining little boy.

All the best in these last weeks. And if you ever want company at the park, let me know. We're not far away :)

{ as we know it } said...

Yay for relaxing in the backyard! Luke got me a lounge chair for Mother's Day and it's amazing! You're looking fabulous ... such a stunning mommy!

Melissa Davis said...

Love your plan to relax in a lounge in your back yard! Sounds great!!! Caleb is such a sweet kid!

You look great!