Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Room for Both Kids

My kids have shared a bedroom for about 7 weeks now and they're still alive.
I'm still alive to tell you about it.
It's actually been a transition with minimal pain and sleepless nights (granted-- I haven't slept normally through the night in oh... 8 months now?  It's that THIRD child that's wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule!!)
I figured I should give you all a little update.  The kids are loving their shared room and have done really well with the transition.

And since it was actually sunny out (sort of) for a bit today I thought I'd whip out my camera and take a few pictures of the kids room.  It's still "in progress" as there are a few things I need to put up on the walls yet, I've got something else in mind for window coverings, and there is some stuff Doug needs to build for the space (one day).  But here's what it looks like today...

The bed's are somewhat matching but Eme gets a little pink on her side and some butterfly artwork..

And Caleb's got his more "manly" map up above his bed.

We'd still like to trip out the closet with some custom storage shelves/drawers... but we don't have the time for that right now!  So we dragged up an old dresser from the basement for Caleb's clothes (used to be mine as a kid) and stashed Eme's stuff in the closet in another dresser.

Doug's gonna build a shallow depth table to fit between the two beds so the kids have a place for a few of their books and toys.  It's a tricky space to fit a table since it can't be too deep, needs to be a decent height and has to be open since there's a baseboard heater under the window.  So a custom one NEEDS to be made :)  I was going to put a lamp on the table too, but knew that it would get broken.  So, when I saw these wall mounted lights at Ikea I was sold.  They save space, aren't easily broken, and the kids love them... sometimes in the middle of the night too :)

Eme's always ready for a photo op :)

The lighting was a bit weird when I took this picture but Eme's got some butterfly artwork going on-- one's vintage and the other is just a $5 poster (yup, this bedroom was done on the cheap!)

The matching Euro-sized pillows were a Home Sense find.  They look cute and are practical too-- every night we put them both on the floor beside Eme's bed so that when she rolls out of bed (takes after her mama) she has some cushioning.  We often find her curled up on one of those pillows on the floor :)

And that's the kid's shared room!  Now... just gotta get to work on the baby's room!


Laurie said...

I love it. i bet they are having a blast.

Flowers2boys said...

The rooms looks great!
I really like the black & white with hints of pink in the right place.
Gotta luv those Home Sense finds

Jamie said...

I noticed the lamps the other day and I really love them! And good idea with the pillows for cushioning :)

Cassie Bustamante said...

love this!!! too cute- i pinned it. love the soft palette and the warmth of the dresser

Number Fifty-Three said...

Super cute! I love how grown up it looks and all the bedding. I'm now following your blog.


Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

I love the contrasting throws on each bed. And those oversized pillows! And the framed artwork. It's going to be an adorable room!

kelly ens said...

very cute!

Lizette said...

Very cute!

Carmen said...

What a great room! Simple and clean, but loaded with personality.

Bonnie said...

Love, love love... as always. :)

Joi said...

Perfectly simple yet so fun! I love it!

funfavorites said...

What a cute shared room! I love the matching pillows to tie it together! It looks wonderful!