Monday, November 12, 2012

How to get your kids to sleep in...

I don't know about you... but our kids have been waking up SUPER early all week long... like 5:30 am early.  Darn time change.  It'll get you every time.

Well, I finally figured out how to get your kids back onto a normal  7 am "sleep-in" schedule.  Here's how:

Spend the weekend in downtown Vancouver with family.

Strap on lifejackets and repeatedly throw your children into the pool.

Keep them up waaay past their bedtime and eat dinner at about 8:30 pm even though they look like they might fall asleep face down in their fries and chicken fingers.

Make them walk everywhere, outside, at all hours of the day.

Take them to the Telus World of Science.

For 6 hours.

Suspend all naps.

Make them run like crazy.

And when they start to look tired make them keep running.

Throw them back into the hotel pool.

Keep them up late again.

This is a sure fire way to exhaust your children and will guarantee a return to normal sleeping patterns and an overall enjoyment of their own beds.

A weekend in Vancouver with family is also guaranteed to be the funnest... most exciting time of their lives :)

And in case you're wondering...

Wanna know how to exhaust a pregnant lady?  Repeat all the steps as outlined above AND add packing, unpacking, laundry, and 2 nights of sleeping in a hotel bed to the list and you've pretty much got it figured out... :)


kelly ens said...

aaaaaaaaaaawesome :)
glad you had a good weekend!

KDees said...

You make me LAUGH! Great post!

Trev and Rebekah said...


stone range hood said...

So funny ways to exhaust kids. Thanks a lot Elisa. ~ Herman Swan

stephanie joy said...

so true... so true!
glad they're back 'into the groove', so to say.
damn time change!
hate "fall back"!
"spring forward" is the bomb when you have kids!
(what have i become?!?)