Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Home Again

We made it home.

But this little lady barely made it.  She may be an honorary westjetter.... but last night she was a super squirmy overtired westjetter.  yikes.  After an hour of squirming, screaming, and crying we arrived home-- and she had the beginnings of a black eye.  Guess that's what happens when you throw your body around violently in protest for an hour.  Needless to say, both kids were exhausted when we finally landed.  I ended up carrying BOTH of them off the plane-- apparently they were too exhausted to walk.

But would I do it again?  In a second.  Like tomorrow.  Getting out of town is SO WORTH an hour or torture.  Thank goodness for airplanes.

I arrived home to this... the beginnings of my new kitchen.  When I get home from a flight I usually like to unpack all my bags immediately-- doesn't matter how late.  Last night I just didn't have it in me.  The extent of my unpacking was to plop my purse on the makeshift counter and unzip it.  The end.  I went to bed.

So today I need to grocery shop, try to put my kitchen back together (everything's piled high on the dining room table), and figure out how I'm going to function in here-- dishwasher's not hooked up and I've got no hot water.  But, at least I have a sink and running water!!

But first,  I need to get me some coffee.  Stat.  If I can find it...


Trev and Rebekah said...

Welcome back home. Glad you had a great time away!

Ah, don't you just love those hours where everyone gets to watch your kiddo throw a fit because they are either over tired, hungry or just out of sorts for no reason? Plus she is on her way to being 2 so that could explain some of it too.

Nice to see that your kitchen is coming along. Hope you had a nice cup of coffee this morning and that your kids were so happy to be home that they entertained themselves playing with their toys so you had a moment of peace to yourself.

Gord and Andrea said...

i'm so happy you are home :) yay for your kitchen!!

Jamie said...

Welcome home! Hope you had a great trip!

Team AC said...

Kitchen looks great... welcome home. Hope you found your coffee.