Sunday, October 02, 2011

The end of a weekend

A fire at the farm + dinner with family + the cutest kids ever = a pretty great end to the weekend

Honestly... there's nothing better than snuggling with a smore eating cutie pie named Silas :)

Eme was playing shy tonight-- but Grandpa eventually won her over.

This kid-- cracks me up.  We pull up on the yard to find this kid making his way down the stairs into the backyard shouting-- "Auntie Da-wesa (that's me)!!  Look at my sunglasses!!"  He proceeded to jump his little heart out on the trampoline-- sunglasses firmly in place.

This kid likes to tell silly stories.

And then he laughs and laughs and laughs at his own jokes.  He likes being the centre of attention.

Guess what I had for supper!!!

Poor Eme-- at this moment she was pretty sure we'd forgotten all about feeding her dinner.

This kid is SO grown up :)

And I honestly can't get over how pretty this little lady is-- Keziah, you are too adorable!!


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Anonymous said...

Great shots! Great people :)

Jamie said...

Fantastic pictures! The camera is so forgiving - you can barely tell we're having a bonfire next to a big pile of garbage :)

Melissa said...

Fun! A perfect fall dinner!