Friday, July 15, 2011

Breaking it Down...

So much to say... so much fun was had by all.  Instead of boring you with all the details of our time with family, here are the highlights!

1.  The Gator

As I mentioned before there was a new toy on the farm for Caleb to play with... a child sized gator.  His first attempts at driving left much to be desired-- backing out of the garage was a little tricky for a rookie.  He also gave himself whiplash every time he stepped on the gas.  So cute :)  But by day 2 he was cruising.... like two point turns parallel parking drive with no hands while standing up cruising.  Seriously.  This kid knows how to drive.  He's already bemoaning the fact that he has to wait until he's 16 to drive a car.  Soon we gave him jobs moving stuff around the yard.  Here he was moving all the lawn chairs to the fire pit.  Caleb took his work on the gator pretty seriously :)

And of course other kids who came to visit had some fun on the gator with Caleb.

2.  Pre-Birthday Party

While we were here, we decided to have a little early birthday celebration for Caleb so that he could celebrate with the Sask family!  The only problem is that Caleb figures that he turned 4 last weekend at the pre-birthday party and now he logically should turn 5 next week on his actual birthday.  This is still under discussion.  But we had a fun evening sitting around a fire with family-- until the torrential downpour made us run for the house.

Poor Auntie Angie... waiting for food.

Emerson enjoyed the great outdoors with her Auntie Trish.

And finally... birthday cake.  My mom made my childhood favorite ice cream cake.  Too bad I couldn't eat any of it!  Next year...

3.  Shopping with the Girls

Best deal ever... $5 bras at Le Senza.  TMI?  Too late now.  The ladies of the household went shopping.  Our shopping itinerary included Garden Architecture, Midtown, Home Sense, Superstore... all those good places.  Meanwhile, the boys did some shopping.  Their day looked a bit different... looking at farm machinery, lunch at Costco, Mini golfing, Ruckers.  Nice.

Emerson also enjoyed getting some style advice from her Aunties over the past two weeks.

4.  Scooter fun

We spent some time downtown so that Caleb could try out the scooter he got from his Aunties and Uncles for his birthday.  He was a natural.

Apparently his mama is too :)

Mom... that's embarrassing.  Get your own scooter!!

5.  And of course...

Caleb had a fantastic time with his aunties.

6.  Time to relax...

It's not often that I have a day of nothing.  But last Monday I did nothing.  I slept in (thanks to Mom and Dad who fed the kids breakfast) took the non-shower approach and found some sweatpants.  I actually may have spent the entire day wearing sweats with "RAIDERS" printed across the butt and a T shirt that said "killing made legal" (volleyball talk).  Oh the things you find in the closets of the upstairs bedrooms... it's a trip down high school memory lane.

7.  Then there was the really long day...

We left for the city at 8 am and didn't get home until after 11 pm... kids included.

Caleb was pretty certain that he didn't need a nap.  But at some point during the afternoon we found him fast asleep in this awkward position on Auntie's living room floor.

Re-enactments soon followed.

We finished off the day with Cirque du Soleil's Dralion.  Amazing.

We've had fun.  We're a bit sad to head home.  But don't you worry... we'll be back in a few months.  I am quite excited to meet my new niece or nephew the next time we visit!


Kirsten said...

Sounds and looks like a great time was had by all!!

kelly ens said...

Looks like a fantastic trip :) love family holidays!

tan said...

What a fun family trip!! Great pictures as always. We saw the same Cirque de Soleil show last week and we loved it!!

Lindsay said...

what a fun trip! I like how Caleb's uncle managed to match not only his pose but his clothes too! :)